august only songs


no radio show this week. ON VACATION. here's what i've been listening to recently.

shiny tide pool

little devil from the country - youth lagoon remember youth lagoon? learned a few weeks ago that the like target tv ad with cannons in it doesn't actually have cannons it's a sound-a-like. trevor never saw a cent! his new album is awesome.

olympus - blondshell tori found this album. blondshell is opening for liz phair at king theatre this fall. it's sorta expensive but maybe i'll shell out.

fear o the light - katie dey australian hyperpop precursor. this album is from 2016. sounds like ableton waxahatchee 🤩

fruiting body - fish narc every fish narc album sounds the same but i like the way they sound. this and "smoke marijuana" are my favorites from the new one.

shaun white - cr1tter i'm constantly surprised by how all the lil peep style emo rappers have disappeared. cr1tter is like 19 and carrying the torch. i found her on tiktok (the tiktok audio is the section in the middle: "good golly this molly got me walking funny/only way i'll understand a lame is if he talking money")

traffic! - katie kirby katy kirby played with bellows a few weeks ago and i should have gone. i feel like i'm late to this album. this song is soooooo cool!

golden egg - d.a. crimson long awaited first single from diego. does not disappoint! weird/pitch shifted/deeply satisfying pop song. richard orofino co-produced.

lights light up - fenne lily this album is too long and too similar song-to-song i think but this song is an insane stand out. "i guess we never really had that much in common/except the days the nights and the cold/and tho we don't take about it often/the fear of this getting old"

all my tears - emmylou harris i'd like to cover this song with 808s. i've never really listened to emmylou before outside of on gram parsons tracks.

bang - melenas heard this on WFMU. they're from spain. this album comes out in september.

my deppression has become funny - elvis depressedly this feels like the natural end point for elvis deppresedly. feels exciting and also makes me wonder what's next!

hollister - crybaby the boys are back. this song makes me wish i was at the mall. i should see if they wanna go to the mall with me.

magic city wholesale - waxahatchee god this album is flawless. listen in the heat. close the doors and the windows. close the blinds too. lie down on the floor.

my eyes - travis scott i freaked out when i heard this.

rollie poly on my wrist!!!! i'm taking a walk in a new suit xoxo