catching up


i miss tumblr. wish i could reblog other ppl's pics on my own website.

i've tried a few times recently to start using tumblr again. i guess it doesn't feel like the same sort of community it used to, like not only were a whole group of kids i went to school with active but we also all followed similar accounts of people we didn't know? and i think a little like tiktok there was a sort of organic discovery built in, like you could post a picture and it could be seen by a much larger audience than you actually had.

in a broader sense it's just represenative of the way the internet used to be. much cooler. if i had my way everyone would have their own website.

anyway here's some pics from the last few months. actually they're all probably from august. i haven't been using my camera much these days. maybe posting these will inspire me.


guest room

emerald lake



giants preseason

kim water