'cop out'


written and performed by elihu okay w/ bass by eli heath and drums by andrew ring / mixed by andrew oedel + mastered by kevin butler

I want a picture of the future I can slip inside my wallet
I turn up the edges of my collar on the way to work
I promise that in the future I won’t slip away or fall off
I’ll be the person you talk to when you need someone to talk

My love’s not always temporary I know that it’s not
My love’s not always temporary I know that it’s—

I want a picture of the person I feel like when you are near me
I would give anything I have baby just to make this work
It’s so cold in New York City but I hold you like the summer
Know it’s coming I been dreaming of the warmth

Every song before this feels inadequate
Everyone before you feels like practice
I’ve been going thru the motions my whole life now
Any song but this would be a cop out

So I try to write down the way that I feel now
But everything comes out all wrong
Maybe I’ll give up, just send you a playlist
But that’s such a cop out

How am I head over heels now, and you’re back at your house?
My chest hurts to say goodbye, we talk on the phone for hours
I know you’ll be back but I wish it was right now
So I’m gonna write down, I’m gonna write down

We were walking through Grand Army in the snow in January
Something in the way you held my hand evaporated doubt
I was so scared the first time you said you loved me
And now I wonder how I ever went without