complaints dept


it's 10:30pm on a tuesday. i had one whiskey at work and i'm drinking another now. i'm trying to drink in moderation. i feel trapped at my job.

i want to come back to brooklyn, but if i moved today i couldn't afford to make any more videos for friday night. it's not a hard choice—but that doesn't make it easier. i miss being around ppl who feel like me. so many of the adults in the town where i live are too worried about carving out a place for themselves to take care of, or interest in, their community. obv there are exceptions. i've had the pleasure of meeting some deeply kind and nurturing folks, and i hope they will remain in my life. but in general life feels like an uphill battle.

i don't mean to complain.

tori hydrating

last week me and tori were finally able to print some merch we've been dreaming about for feels-like-forever. i won't detail the trials and tribulations it took to get here (re: the above). the results were worth the headache. i'll be posting the full collection on saturday but you can CLICK HERE for early access. all shirts are 1-of-1 so maybe it's worth getting in early.

oil shirt

i'm trying not to be too much of a downer. i feel excited about the future and i hope you do also. i'm listening to uncle tupelo. i've started doing yoga. my friends at the bar on the corner buy me shots and ask me how my day was. they want to know the answer. they tell jokes and i laugh whether or not it's funny. it always takes longer than i want to leave and i'm learning to be patient.

the other week we ended up at jeopardy night at a bar in williamsburg. we were with sarah and gabe. i was surprised and impressed by our jeopardy ability, but we looked terrible compared to everyone else in the place. we played battleship till it got boring. tori says that life feels like an uphill battle bc we're working hard at growing and she's right.

talk soon. xoxo.