only songs v4


no radio show this week so i made an extra long version of the 'only songs' playlist with contributions from gabe and tori.

listen on spotify here.

no excuses - air france "no more excuses left / waiting to fail, but not quite yet" -gabe

that's my dj - girl talk i used to listen to girl talk a lot in high school and then i decided that was embarrassing but now i'm deciding that mashups are cool again. this is from the early end of the albums i used to listen to and its a little rougher around the edges which i personally enjoy. -elihu

punksong - cfcf perfect pop song. -gabe

the martyr - cursive someone told me that pipebomb reminded them of cursive so then i listened to cursive and i'm sorta shocked that i never had before. this guy would be a bummer to hangout with but the music is right up my alley. say anything precursor? -elihu

pipebomb - elihu okay

my red hot car - squarepusher i've never listened to squarepusher but yesterday a guy played this song while he was giving me a tattoo and it's sick. -elihu

2 much - justin bieber the other nite, elihu was at the restaurant and i was listening to JB and feeling romantic, (i wish this song didn't start with the MLK sample). -tori

one time - nav, don toliver, future incredible don hook but highlight of the song is nav non-sequitur "suicidal, almost slit both my wrists" in a song for the strip club ???why -gabe

doves - gabe gill

sorry you're sick - ted hawkins this is a song that my dad used to play. i'd forgotten about it until it started playing all the time at the restaurant. very inspiring, guitar playing is so odd. makes me want to sing along (makes me want to record a cover with loud guitars and the drum pattern from the squarepusher song) -elihu

u.n.i. - ed sheeran if i thought karaoke was any fun, this would be my song. -tori

bullet from a gun - skepta "it's too easy to write a sad song about how my dad raised me / cause i'm looking in the mirror and my dad made me / a real top boy, i just can't play the victim" - "i got bored of asking, when is this hurt gonna stop? / we don't wanna conversate or confer with the opps" -gabe

the 1 - taylor swift song came on the other night and made me wanna practice guitar. prolly bc when i first learned guitar it was t swift searches. plus i love singing this song. -tori

sleep - gabe gill, deem spencer, honeyfitz, livvy

bro, ashley's here - attack attack it's SO sick finding out this song is about christ. i thought it was about an insecure girl. but maybe it still is. -gabe

oil - elihu okay

portland (alt mix) - the replacements b-side from don't tell a soul, the version i like best is the re-mixed version by matt wallace, who produced the record. supposedly it's closer to how the band imagined it would sound before chris lord-alge got his hands on it. "share a cigarette for breakfast / airplane ride for lunch" is so awesome. -elihu

get'cha head in the game - troy bolton we've been watching high school musical the musical the series and it's awesome. elihu hasn't seen the original *gasp* -tori