'friday night'


written and performed by elihu okay / mixed by andrew oedel + mastered by kevin butler / scroll for full credits

it's midnight and i've been practicing for my release show since i got off work. there's a lot of stuff i wish i had done that i haven't been able to yet. this album has been the focus of my energy for years and years and now we get to share it. it means so much to me and i hope it will mean something to you.

CREDITS a little money keys by grant rossi, additional production by eli heath + dylan soulard  camel crush drums by andrew ring, bass + synth by eli heath, additional production by rob machia, additional guitars by vassilios karsaliakos, backing vocals by gabe gill  late 2 work production by rob machia  karma drums by andrew ring, bass by eli heath, backing vocals by gabe gill + dylan soulard  static edm production + vocals by grant rossi, 808s + programing by eli heath, additional drum programing by gabe allanoff, additional programing by rob machia, vocals + additional programing by dylan soulard, vocals by gabe gill  snow angels drums by andrew ring, bass + organ by eli heath  confident drums by andrew ring, additional programing by dylan soulard  teenage additional production by rob machia  my mother says she's proud of me keys + double bass + programing by eli heath, drum programing by dylan soulard + gabe gill, drums by andrew ring, cello by alice gerlach  friday night (demo)