'camel crush'


written and performed by elihu okay / drums by andrew ring, bass + synth by eli heath, backing vocals by gabe gill, additional guitars by vassilios karsaliakos, additional production from rob machia / mixed by andrew oedel + mastered by kevin butler

my hometown is a heartache all the skies are gray
i'm tripping down the steps every time that i come this way
i spend a night filling my old space
where i wasted saturdays
and fell into your embrace

by the time it was over i'd sobered up
singing summer songs till october and then give them up
when i bury the hatchet you dig it up
little white lies we were giving all our time to

i've got two flavors like camel crush
right now i want to give up
you still stammer when speaking rushed
i'm chasing a different buzz

i get so tired
of reliving lives from the back of the bus
smuggling some new rush
into the city in my backpack

i've got two flavors like camel crush
right now i want to give up
you're speaking in tongues when you speak at all
i think we should sleep it off

i think we should sleep on it
i think we should call it off
you're calling me everyday
you're canceling all my plans
i'm scared that you see my hand
i'm scared that you figured out
this city takes all my time
stuck between commitments now

and everything falling down
foundations are washing out
found something i wanted
i thought that i wanted you
i wanted it easy
you're taking it way too slow
slow dance with the ending
slow dance with forever