halloween update


i've been trying to figure out what to say about late 2 work' other than it comes out november 16th and about how i made the video with noah and tori. right now i'm sitting in prospect park watching planes fly towards laguardia. i'm emailing realtors and music journalists. probably most of the realtors will email me back. i assume none of the journalists will.

click here or the cover below to presave. a few days before release i'll select someone who has at random and send em some pipebomb merch (gym short & shirt combo? or something else if you want).

late 2 work is like a proper pop song' thanks to slünt. i sent him a version and he sent it back with these kacey musgraves drums' etc etc. no one else worked on this one i don't think (i hope some1 corrects me if i'm wrong). noah and tori and i spent 3 days in the hot hot hot making the video turning my apartment into a studio with huge lights and white walls. sorry 2 my roommates.

it's been a huge dream to shoot on film since noah and i were making movies as 12 year olds. noah does this for a living now and it was soooo exciting to get to make this w/ him. i've never made a video like this. every shot was planned out in advance. so cool to try new things!

maybe i'll rewrite this later. maybe not. see ya soon.