'late 2 work'


written and performed by elihu okay with production by rob machia / mixed by andrew oedel + mastered by kevin butler

i'm living like I'm on vacation barely
making money but we're having so much fun
i took my laundry to the super wash already
so a beer for breakfast couldn't do me any harm, i'm sure

that you notice when / i get distant yeah
because we hangout every night
but that only to / be expected with
my solipsistic state of mind


wait for a little bit
stay for a little while
longer / I'm sure you can
leave late for work again
please lets go back to bed
at least for half an hours

i can't compete with the
other boys you might meet
while you're serving coffee
somewhere off in bushwick probably

they've got extra money
tip you too much cause they
think your cute and kinda funny
fuck them all I hope you love me

i was cooler when i was a teenager
driving to florida in my honda just because
sleeping on couches play the guitar for strangers
gas station coffee and breakfast from at the run

do i

play it too safe now / it's all changed around
i'm keep weird hours and you start
work at 8 i / wake up too late i
can't make you eggs before you're gone