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hello from delaware county. spent a bucolic week here w/ tori and sarah and gabe. this is the playlist for my drive back to the city. listen along here.

car stuck

condition - organ tapes sarah put me on to this song. it sounds like ableton youth lagoon. don't know anything else about organ tapes but i'm gonna do a deep dive for sure. deceptively eclectic drum sounds and programming.

pouring - dylan soulard, gabe gill, grant rossi new grant remix of a song from dylan's last album. everyone snapped on this. blown away like always by the production. grant says "drip drop droptop." listen for the exquisitely fumbling guitar solo in the background.

static - elihu okay

infinite - shinespark analog hyperpop recommended by dan derks. this whole album is very cool. very shimmery, slick and a little hard to grab a hold of in a way i enjoy. dan did a goated episode of can't lose and i'll send you the link to listen if you dm me and ask for it.

ionizes & atomizes - modest mouse my favorite band. this song is very meditative (super in line with the shinespark song actually 🤔). isaac brock is such an expressive singer and guitar player, someone i am always trying to emulate.

these are the ways - red hot chili peppers stood in the cold on the porch with gabe a few nights ago and he played me new RHCP songs and i got very anxious about my entire life. i don't think those things were related. today i am finding this song very reassuring. this is rock'n'roll music fr. "the sights/the sounds/the smells."

late 2 work - elihu okay

the introduction - j dilla grew up listening to 'bugging out' and find it's interpolation in this song deeply satisfying to listen to. from dilla's long-shelved major label debut. i played this for my dad last month and i don't think he really liked it.

sugarcube - yo la tengo i'm in my indie rock bag. the first time i saw yo la tengo i freaked out cause i never realized they were a jam band. i've been listening to 'fakebook' a lot recently. this is one of my favorite electric yo la songs. i saw them in a theatre once with lots of old people and they played two sets and when they turned on their amps for the second set the old people started panicking and running out of the theatre (no joke).

ivy - daddy's beemer love these boys. brady sounds great on this song. my parents are going to charleston this weekend and i'm imagining that this song soundtracks the entire city like an outdoor mall. (once i stopped at the first rest-stop headed south into tennessee and they were playing graceland on repeat—that's what i'm picturing here.)

distant stations - the mountain goats for a while i listened to nothing but the mountain goats. this was probably five or six years ago now. i saw them seven times in eighteen months or something. i haven't listened to any album they've released since goths. this song has some of the most beautiful writing ever. if you like this album, start listening to the discography in reverse chronological order, beginning in 2002.

a little money - elihu okay

heart like a truck - lainey wilson heard this one on big cat country 92.1 walton. she sings on a new hardy song that i don't like very much. everyone agrees that we love this song. can't believe no one has written this metaphor before.

you are every girl to me - mj lenderman i'm sad i missed the mj lenderman show the other week. i've watched a bunch of acoustic live videos of him and they're so beautiful. "you are every girl to me" is the sort of phrase that's hard to break down but i think i understand intuitively. "jackass is funny/like the earth is round" 🤯.

outskirts - sam hunt i'm excited for the new sam hunt album now. i like how recognizable his drum sounds are. i'd buy the zach crowell splice pack in a heartbeat. this chorus sounds like rothstein.

hope you enjoy. email me with new song reccs: