written and performed by elihu okay / production from grant rossi + gabe allanoff + eli heath + rob machia / mixed by andrew oedel + mastered by kevin butler

i was lost you first said my name
static on the line sounds like your at a party
i could hear your voice saying something had changed
yeah something slipped inside and now you needed to call me

but i know its just the drugs, youre just fucked up
yeah this aint love Why do i bother?
picking up got a guilty conscience
i cant calm or comprehend

i try and let you down real gentle
but you just wanna fuck and try it again
maybe if i was more drunk or more sentimental
id say baby send the address

10 minutes later i'd be
texting from the backseat
Of some uber doing 60
on the bqe

you said you came here with somebody
even after the bacardi
you were still tasting the molly
and the memory of me

all i wish is when i find you in the kitchen
that you'd pull me to the corner
but you're focused on the counter top

and now i cant stop thinking about you