'a little money'


written and performed by elihu okay / additional production from eli heath + dylan soulard / keys + piano played by grant rossi / mixed by andrew oedel + mastered by kevin butler / cover pics by carlos semedo

i'm not making the moves that i should be tonight
i don't sleep much alone but i know that i can't sleep by your side
stay in my room while the whole city walks by outside
you say that you'll come over later but baby it's too late tonight

last december
move through union station
always felt good in a crowd
i still remember
that satisfaction
of the first couple months at umass
blending in never felt so easy
checking out wasn't meant to last
while my headphones play ed sheeran
check my phone while i sit in class
now everybody got so busy
i chalk it up to bad luck
who i know in the goddamn city
i don't need anybody so why do i feel so broke up
i can't choke up now
like i been lying down and i just woke up
i wish i spoke up sooner
i wish you knew who your were when we first met

i need to learn to expect
constant drifting
constellations shifted now
i need to figure out
how to make a little money in this town

kids outside my window keep on screaming
need to settle down
they're just playing, keep on waiting
keep walking around

i don't know what i expected when i came here
i know that everything can change inside of a year
and i don't know what i'm waiting for this time
i still know the way to your house
and i swear that i'm still good to drive