'2022 recap'


2022 was kind of a challenging year. i put out three songs, moved twice, lived a lot of distinct and seperate eras. here's a recap.

i busted by face on new years eve

i recorded like crazy

spending all my free time finishing the album

with lots of help from my friends

i fell hard in love

i made food for my friends

and ordered mcdonalds to work

sarah and andrew came to visit

i went to the studio to record and mix

andrew was getting over covid but we made do

i went to the houston rodeo with grant

then it was my bday

i went upstate to see tori

we played a deadmall show and randomly got bottle service

then it was tori's bday

and then gabe's

my parents came to visit

i went back to the studio to finish mixing

brief caviar era

bryce and i made the oil vid

played my first solo show in years

went to the studio to work on dylan's album

carlos came to new york

and i moved upstate

we went to maine

and swam a lot

we made the late to work video with noah

and life was pretty nice

i got a new hat and it made me feel like the mayor

i went to the demo derby

and helped with some cool food jobs

we visited the city

and made oil merch

but life in this tiny town slowly turned rotten

so i worked on getting some jobs in brooklyn

and looked endlessly for an apartment

went to mass for thankgiving

finally found a new place

made another freaking music video

and played some hockey to close out the year